RODDIAG for Windows is a wave equation diagnostic computer program
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RODDIAG for Windows is a wave equation diagnostic computer program. RODDIAG uses exact pumping unit kinematics to analyze any available pumping unit geometry. RODDIAG interactively calculates fluid level, pump intake pressure, and net pump displacement from the downhole pump card shape.
RODDIAG is able to use dynamometer information from disk files, computerized dynamometers (including Nabla DYNOMITE dynamometer systems), centralized pump off control systems, or from a Summagraphics Summasketch II or compatible graphics tablet. This makes RODDIAG the only truly hardware independent expert diagnostic analysis program.
RODDIAG can even use solid line dynamometer cards that do not contain time information (normally needed to solve the wave equation). It does this by internally calculating the missing time data using exact pumping unit kinematic models. The RODDIAG user manual contains several pages of verified downhole pump dynamometer card shapes that allow you to determine the pump condition.

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